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3 flight riser can't link to top floor


I've been trying to link the bottom (the split level landing ) to the top (460mm above the split level landing) for a while now, I've gone into settings to make sure that the top and bottom don't go anywhere higher or lower than what it should be as being precise is important, as we need a clearance after the landing.


But there's always that 60mm that keeps popping up no matter how much I change it. I've tried changing the riser height limit in the Rules & Standards to min. 150 max. 160 but it would not change no matter what I do.




Tried going into editing mode to see if I could shrink it manually, I can't do anything there.


At this point, I'm just desperate for some help.


Barry Kelly

Your going min and max are the same 255 so that figure is locked in and can't change.

You are then using a rule that says 2R + G must be min 600 & max 650


(600 - 255) =345

Divide this by 2 (R) and you get your riser of 172.5 (173).


You have 3 risers so the flight must be 519 high.

You only want 460 so there is the 60 (59mm) extra.


You can adjust the going min/max rule values or turn it off so it has no effect.

You can adjust the 2R + 1G rule values or you can turn it off.

This will give you more flexibility with the riser height.


Basically the values for your rules are determining the minimum height of the riser which is more than you want.




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Thank you Barry, that really helped a lot


Hope you're doing well 😊

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