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90,000 fans, 200,000 views --> more free ArchiCAD tutorials

Eric Bobrow
Hello ArchiCAD-Talk Colleagues -

I'm celebrating a couple of things.

The ArchiCAD page on Facebook now has more than 90,000 fans! In February 2011 I remarked in a blog post how awesome it was that there were 15,000 fans for ArchiCAD - now it's 6 times as awesome!

We are NOT alone - in fact we're in good company - there are tens of thousands of ArchiCAD-lovers around the world!

I don't have 90,000 fans myself, but I'm pretty proud of the fact that my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel has 191,727 views as of this moment. I'm expecting it to reach 200,000 views within the next few days! I invite you to join my 937 subscribers so you get notified whenever I post another one of my free ArchiCAD tutorials.

In celebration of these milestones, I'm uploading several more free ArchiCAD video tutorials onto my channel - so YouTube will have the first 6 lessons from my QuickStart Course, over two hours of material in all from this course.

My 29 lesson QuickStart Course teaches the basics of using ArchiCAD, but it's not only for new users. I've had veteran users watch some of the lessons and comment "when did they add that feature?" and "I never realized you could do it THAT way... cool!"

Enjoy the new free video tutorials... and tell others to check out my YouTube channel for fresh ArchiCAD content every month.

Eric Bobrow

P.S. I just posted an ad in the Ads section of ArchiCAD-Talk; if you like my work, I invite you to check it out.

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Thank you Erick for your time and effort...

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