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ARCHICAD 21 Update Preview 7000

Dear All,

Today we have made the preview version of our next ARCHICAD 21 Update available. We have created and tested packages for the INT, USA, AUS, UKI and NZE versions so far and they all passed our Quality Control.

The Preview Update is only available for the above language versions. If you attempt to install it on a different language version, you will get an error message about this.

If need be, we will create a Public Update package for all language versions in a few weeks time. It will be possible to update from the Preview package to the Public one without a problem.

You can read the Release Notes and download the packages from here.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


For Troubleshooting and useful Tips & Tricks visit

I decided to give this preview a go today, especially after i read it finally fixes the camera move bug when rendering, but opening projects from the bimserver makes them unavailable to current stable build users. Is this intended?
macOS Big Sur

Csaba Kezer
Hi insideru,

Yes, that's intentional and that's the way how it has been. If you update one ARCHICAD instance and continue working on the TW project, you'll get a prompt saying that now you are about to increase the Build number of that TW project. If you proceed, then all your colleagues working on the same TW project will also need to update their ARCHICADs.

Increasing the project's build number is a safety mechanism that makes sure to avoid any incompatibility issues that might arise between the older and the newer ARCHICAD instance working on the same project.

The thing we changed in v21 and newer, is that you don't need to update the server at the same time as the ARCHICADs.

Csaba Kézér

Karl Ottenstein
Because the 7000 preview has now been officially released, I'm locking this thread from further comment. Please post any issues with AC 21 build 7000 to this public release thread:

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6, iMac Pro

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