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AUTOMATIC Scheduling of DIV 12 Casework

Has anyone done scheduling of Div 12 Casework? What have you found a good working method? We are having the biggest issue with the AC Cabinet Base Double Door 24 object. When you schedule the cabinets, the height also includes the counter thickness. If you then shut off the counter, the sink disappears. And a drawer pull shows up. Where if you have the sink toggled for the base, the pull is off as the panel is for the sink.

What work methods are folks using to automatically schedule casework?

With the height of ADA counters being so close to standard cabinets without a counter, it is causing issues for clarity of what is what.
Terrence Sturm, Architect
MBP OSX 10.15.4 Quad Core Intel i7 2.2hz
AC 17 build 5019
AC 22 build 7000
AC 23 build
AC 24 build 5000

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