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Access other object's parameters via GDL

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Hello, I have a problem that i can't find the solution on any google posts.
I am trying to automatically number some (different) objects.
example: fire detection: detectors, switches, alarms on multiples loops. I am thinking on one object(count object) that has an array (2 dimensions - 1 for the loop and 1 for the address) that remembers the GUID of each object. Can i access the array of the count object from the new object? how can I access the parameters of other object?
Thank you

Karl Ottenstein
You cannot access anything about another object. The only way objects can share information is via GDL globals or file I/O.

Add-ons (plug-ins) can access everything, but are only created by experienced programmers.

Will the Element ID Manager not do what you want - to renumber your objects?
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good ideea. I think i will use external files. will look on to that. Thank you for fast reply.

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