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Accessories Library

I have been trying to install the Accessories Library for AC16. I continually get a message saying 'The Installer package is incomplete or damaged'. I have re-downloaded a few times, and even tried to run directly from the site but still get the same issue. Any hints on what i might be able to do?
Makes me wonder when Graphisoft will just make it part of the library instead of making us do this song and dance every time there is a new release....
Daniel del Nido
AC6.0-AC19 AUS; Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit

Eduardo Rolon
If you are using a Mac running 10.8.xx the error comes from "Security and Privacy Setting" in System Prefs.

To install choose from "Anywhere" from the "Allow Applications Downloaded from:" after you install the accessories you can turn it back on to the previous setting.

If you are using Windows then I have no idea.

eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
Another of the forum moderators.
Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram
OS X 10.XX latest
AC25 US/INT -> AC08

Thanks Eduardo, unfortunately i am running Windows... should probably update my signature.
Daniel del Nido
AC6.0-AC19 AUS; Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit

Loosely related...

Website says "You don't have to worry about the Accessories Library, cuz it's in the installer"...

Yet running the installer produces no library...

And opening up the project and trying to Accessorize a roof, I get an Object dialog that says the Accessories Library is missing...

So, questions..

1. Does the Accessories Installer update the existing AC Library to include these new parts? or build a separate Library?

2. If separate, where does it get built? (Search finds nothing)

3. If it updates the old library on my hard drive, does it show a new MODIFIED DATE? cuz mine's saying back in 2012...

Any help is appreciated...
Visual Frontiers
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Barry Kelly
I remember answering this one before, see here .....


One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
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