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Adjacent forms not showing right thickness in section



I've tried to find the settings how to control the appearence of the lines that are adjacent/on top of each other in a section 


It's a schematic design where the stacked levels are morphs with a transparent material as the building material. Columns are placed in the morphs-volumes.
I've tried to set up a graphic override but I can't control this and am not sure why  
no cut of levels


by moving a morph slightly they appear






Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I think it is because when the Morphs' 3D bodies touch and their Building Material is the same, their Section Fills will be merged and the edges of their cut body boundaries will not show where they join. When you move them a bit, they will not touch so the edges of their cut body boundaries will show.

I can offer two solutions:

1. Move them away from each other by just a tiny amount like 0.1 mm.

2. Define two identical Building Materials for use with these Morphs. From a pair of touching Morphs, one should use one of the Building Materials, the next should use the other. That way their Section Cut Fills will not be merged and the cut boundary will be shown.

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Rubia Torres

Hi narchi,

Another alternative is to use layers with different Layer Intersection Group numbers. The advantage of this is that you can use the same material for the various morphs.


Rubia Torres

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