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Arch Doors doesn’t not cut wall properly in 3D

Hi all,

My Arch Door does not punch the wall in the right shape. Instead it punches a rectangle void through the wall regardless the arch.

Does anyone know why?

Thanks heap.
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if this is an object you built yourself then you will need to define the wall hole using the "wallhole" or "wallniche" functions in the 3D script. The automatic wall hole only does rectangles based on a,b.
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Barry Kelly
Did you create this door frame yourself by saving slabs as a door object?
If so you forgot to add a slab to represent the arched wall hole (i.e. an arched shaped slab with an ID of WALLHOLE).

If it is not an object you have created, what object is it?


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I believe this is an door object from AC20 library.

That’s why I am so surprised why it does not punch the wall correctly.

I will check the library again tomorrow, when I am back to the office. Maybe I will need to re-download the original AC20 Library.

Architect & Urban Designer
Imac 27" Core i7 2.8ghz l 4Gb Ram
MacPro 2011
AC 18 & 19 AUS

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
What is the exact name of the Door library part? From the name, it is easy to see whether it is a default GS library part or not.
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