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ArchiCAD - Buggy...

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We've been working on a few projects, and have noticed certain issues repeating themselves.

1) Stairs will disappear from the the project files. Even when on a locked layer, and only one person has been working on the file

2) Markers rename them self, in a bad way. They change to a no id, and then we point them in the right direction, and it's ok for a while, and then when we go to print, all the markers turn "dumb" again and we have to quickly scramble to fix them. (we've used different markers, and this has happened in both section and elevation tags)

3) pen sets won't change. meaning when i'm in a view, and i just want to quickly see it with a different pen set, i document > pen sets > chose the pen, and it wont' show up. so i have to save, exit, reopen, and then it works.

4) Spell check with crash a file (bugsplat!). At LEAST 75% of the time.

There are more, but i don't understand why these things are happening. they're not user errors. I understand when i set up a marker incorrectly, it won't point to the correct drawing. but when it works, and the suddenly doesn't, that's a problem. We understand we can't complain about user error, that's a knowledge problem. But, these things? Seems to me that they're software based.

Is anyone else encountering this types of problems?

We can't sell the reliability of software in our office if it isn't behaving when correctly set up...

Karl Ottenstein

Your signature says 11 - is that the version you are talking about? Is it the most recent build and library update?

Since you are a regular here, you know that others have not reported things such as you are reporting. I'm not aware of any of the problems that you raise as known bugs. So, it is clear to me that the issues you raise are a bit unique to your installation and/or file. Your file and/or process needs to be reviewed by your reseller and US tech support - have you already done that?

Also, you should know that if this is indeed 11, as per your signature, that 12 contains 100's of bug fixes since 11. So, if you do not have 12, you should download the free demo and see if your problems are fixed there.

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 26 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.8, iMac Pro

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