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ArchiCAD Stair Tool

I've been an ArchiCAD user for over 20 years, I feel I am proficient with the software and definitely know my way around. However, I have to say, who the hell let the stair tool out the door the way it is? I am not sure there is any commonly used tool in ArchiCAD that is LESS intuitive than the stair tool. I have spent far too much time trying different settings in the stair tool to get a stair to look like how I want it to look. The worst part is it is so unintuitive that I am basically changing a setting, then going to see what the effect was, then making another change and looking at that effect because just looking through the tool interface I have no idea what many of the functions propose to do. It's ridiculous.
It is far easier to do my old work-around of creating a custom beam profile of a riser and tread, then just copying that to make the stair!
Mac OSX 10.15.7
AC25, Artlantis 2020, TwinMotion
iMac Pro 2017 / 8-core 3.2 GHz / 32GB RAM

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