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Archicad 21 aus template

Sorry guys. I've been trying to use it but it produces truly awful drawings and I hate it. I had my own template that worked until about version 19 when Graphisoft started to make so many basic changes that it seemed worthwhile trying to use that supplied with the product. Bad mistake and I've been suffering ever since. Why change? Well, the new features in AC also affect and change combinations of pen sets, materials, surfaces and other things that using an old template may not enable the new features (that is is Graphisoft tell us and hey are probably right). Since version 20, Some gripes:

1. Archicad now scatters its menus around the perimeter of the screen, instead of grouping them logically in a couple of places.
2. Font sizes have been increased but made much lighter. Navigator drawing lists used to fit on one side of my 27" screen but now take a couple of screens and use more keystrokes to access. Same applies to the ToolBox items. Graphics are thin and faded.
3. Pen sets and weights are a mystery. What is the difference between 'normal text' and 'general text"? Why is standard annotation text 0.35 thick when Bold annotation text is 0.25?
4 I am doing a drawing that includes walls, decks and stairs - not at all unusual. Stairs use a 0.15 pen thickness in a faded light blue colour. Cut walls are OK with 0.35 but decks are blue with darker blue stripes for boards. One can hardly find the stairs! I've attached a sketch.

Template issues are endless and one can't please everybody, but am I the only one who finds these few examples Incredibly frustrating?
Cornelis (Kees) Wegman

cornelis wegman architects

AC 5 - 25 Dell XPS 8940 Win 10 1TB SSD 2TB HD RTX 3070 GPU
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Laptop: Archicad 16 - 24, Win10 64 Core i7, 8GB RAM, 2GB NVidia GT 540M

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