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Archicad 22 object and missing surfaces



I am a newcomer to Archicad using Archicad 24 Solo.  A new employee brought a template developed on 22 to the office that we are giving a try.  If I unlink the migration libraries, I have missing surfaces.  I have manually replaced the textures that are red in the attribute manager to Archicad 24 textures.  But, there are still missing surfaces shown in the library manager.



I also notice that under find and select, Archicad 22 is an option under Classifications which is not the case if I just open a new file using the OOTB Archicad 24 template.  Could these elements be the cause of the missing surfaces (the highlighted thing there is a complex profile soffit using beams)?  Though in a "save as" identical file, I deleted all of the content and the missing attributes still remained.



If I re-link the migration libraries, then we are good to go. I should say that linking the migration libraries is totally fine for now - not causing problems.  But, as we develop this template into our own, it would be great to have only Archicad 24 items in the template and no missing surfaces. 

Any help would be appreciated.  Learning about the nuances of the program is quite a task when simultaneously still learning how to push out our first set of plans on Archicad.  Have been very grateful for the topics on this forum.





Dear Camilla,

Apart from the missing textures, you are also missing the models themselves. You don't have to use one particular library, the best solution is to integrate all the necessary objects you use, be it library 22 or 24. You work in a firm, and before you do any planning, I advise you to sort out your libraries so that they are consistent and identical for all employees. Also, if the file was saved in version 22 or later, I suggest you continue working in the same version, as some instability in file processing cannot be ruled out.


Ask your staff member for the full library they have been using and import the models from there.

Such problems make it difficult to import and export from different versions for large workloads. In my case, I sometimes use three Archicad.

Proud member of UNION.ARCHI Network

That makes sense.  Thank you Qualifa.

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