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Archicad 25 and GSID

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I'm curious how everyone is authenticating Archicad 25 in an office environment.
I understand that every installation needs to be authenticated but I don't see the sense in registering a GSID for each user (20) and I don't want to use my ID since everyone could then access my details and services, regardless of the sensitivity. I'm thinking of registering a new account with a password known to all. I could then enter the company name in the details but of course anyone could change this.
Your thoughts.

Eduardo Rolon
I'll PM the info if it happens again. I'll do a test tomorrow.
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Vectorworks 2023

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It would be good to could get back to the original problem. According to this we have 3 options, or scenarios: loose, moderate and strict.
Loose scenario: All users are allowed to manage licenses using a single, shared GRAPHISOFT ID with Administrator privileges. This won't be happening.
Normal: Administrator and Members (each employee has her own GRAPHISOFT ID)
Strict: Administrator and Members (each employee has her own GRAPHISOFT ID).

So what Graphisoft is saying, to use Archicad 25 in an office environment we'll be needing to create a personal Graphisoft ID for each of our 20 users.

I'm hoping we can continue to use the hardware keys. I updated one USB key as usual but when I inserted the other, LMT wants me to login with my ID and I'm unsure how binding this is.

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Thank you for the question!

Unfortunately, the info you mentioned here is a bit outdated. Here we prepared the latest FAQ document in connection with the change in Archicad 25:
The one cited above only concerns licensing operations in connection with Graphisoft ID.

In particular:
Can I use one Graphisoft ID to authenticate multiple Archicad installations?
> Yes, one Graphisoft ID can authenticate multiple Archicad versions.

Once again, I would like to emphasize that, there can be no connection between the Graphisoft ID and the licensing operations. In case of a large company, I could imagine having one common Graphisoft ID shared between members only for authentication purposes, while there is another Graphisoft ID being connected to the license pool and managing the license operation. There is no need to create individual Graphisoft ID for each member of the company. Of course, if the user wants, they can always use their own Graphisoft ID for the authentication process.

Our final goal with having an individual Graphisoft ID is to provide individual, customized benefits tailored to the user's needs. You don't have to worry about licensing operations being affected by this. So for example, in your case, you can still keep the existing setup. The only change is having a new Graphisoft ID for the authentication process.

I hope this explains the situation. If there is anything unclear, feel free to let me know!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

Thanks for your clarifications around this new GS ID setup - clearly there are bigger things in store for future releases.


Can you please clarify the following statement:


What will happen if Archicad is not authenticated within 30 days?

Once the 30-day sign-in period expired, file-saving and Teamwork function will not work. Archicad will run in Demo mode.


source >


Seems to me that this does affect the operation of a properly licensed Archicad instance... since even though you have a license you can not use it to save your files or use TW after the 30 day period?


Unfortunately, this is reminiscent of the ill-considered changes made to the Bug reporter, which since AC24 needs to be force quit to not send your report.


Looking forward to your reply.




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