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Archicad and grasshopper

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Grasshopper is a visual algorithm modeller for Rhino.
In some way it is like GDL without programming. You build geometry through a process of logical methods.
I'm sure something like that could be done to build objects in Archicad.
But furthermore it could be a way to build objects that uses building elements as a base and transform this datas through logic operations and parameters.
As it is now you can use slabs walls or roof to control objects, through the accessory add-on. But it is quite complicated,needs programming and very limited.
A grasshpper-like system for creating objects would enormously extend Archicad possibilities without a lot of changes to the core of the program.
It could also be developped outside of GS, but with their help.

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Hello Oliver,


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Thanks Andras for this link!
If I get it right in the example shown, you can create elements in grasshopper that are recognized as structural elements (in that case walls) in Archicad, through IFC export. That's great.
But how do you import the base elements from Archicad? As IFC too?
Could we imagine a kind of dynamic link between Archicad and Grasshopper.
That would be great if someone would developp that!
A quick example: I draw a slab in Archicad. I link it to grasshopper via a plugin. In grasshopper I can do whatever to this slab like multiplying slicing etc... Then the result is sent back dynamically ( or by a update button) to Archicad.
Wouldn't that be great?
Hope some developper is willing to do that.
I can help, but I can't c++.
By the way when will it be possible to developp for archicad without C++?

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I know what you mean. Just bear in mind that If you want to create more sophisticated forms like in that software, manufacturing is still a problem. I mean Archicad's 3d engine is based on facets , the other one is nurbs, ascii whatever so suitable for engineering. My opinion is, this is the border where the two different line divided (standard and high-end architecture). So you cannot use a spade for pile too.

I faced this issue too and I tried a lot of softwares but I have not found one that is fit for everything (yet).

Nevertheless it would be great for conventional purpose like this for revit; that would be fun.

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Yes Andras I get what you mean.
And I agree that one software will not fit all, and that wouldn't even be positive if it was possible.
But what I mean is not to use Archicad to make prototypes for CNC.
GH is not about making prototypes, even if Rhino is widely used in indutrial design.
The way of working with GH would be interesting for conceiving architecture in Archicad or revit too.
It is not about producing CNC files, but in the way of arranging the geometries in algorithms.
This could be used for building, facades but even for urban scale.
That is the way lots of architects uses Grasshopper, and Archicad could very well fit as a frame for such "tooling"

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