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Archicad crashing when selecting 3D view

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We have a problem with a project file which causes Archicad to crash every time that we try and select '3D view'.

It's a very basic 3D model - nothing fancy, or over-complicated

We've tried copying the contents of the model into a new template, and into a different template in case there was a problem with the template. All to no avail.

Any suggestions anyone?

Erika Epstein
You need to find out what part of the model is making it crash.

Set your Error report in the work environment to detailed and see if one or more elements are notes such as a slab(s) or object(s).

Graphically you can select portions of the model with the marquee half at a time; you are trying to isolate the problem.
Using the heavy marquee, select one half of the model, then generate the 3D of that, then the other half.
If only one half crashes, then divide that into halves and repeat.

If both halve crash, using the light marquee go story by story.
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Thanks Erika

The problem has mysteriously disappeared today - but we'll know what to do if it comes back.

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