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Archicad for preparing for architecture degree.


Hi, I have been doing research into different CAD software for architecture and Archicad seems like one of the better pieces of software for architecture.

I'm planning on doing an architecture degree in the future but I need to build a portfolio up, and Archicad looks like a far better version of what I have been using. Would you say that the 30 day free trial is enough time to really get an idea of what you're doing? I noticed that it's subscription based like Autodesk Revit, but there's an option to buy a perpetual license, would paying for a quarter or six months be cost effective if all you're planning to do is learn and build a portfolio for university?



I don't work for Archicad, but I highly recommend you have a go at the 30 day free trial. In my 30 years of using different CAD programs, this is the best one. You should be able to get pretty proficient at Archicad in one week. I've had interns with very little CAD experience who pick it up in 1 week. I would also recommend you go to youtube to watch some tutorials. Enjoy the 30 days.

See this screenshot from Graphisoft website - buy Archicad - Licensing options


Curious what different CAD software you have used in the past? If you are doing Academic work I think you can receive Archicad for free. Reference the link below. A 30-Day Trail of Archicad will not provide you with the best sense of an Architecture career or school, but only a tool for drafting construction documents... You are jumping ahead here. I wouldn't spend too much time in software yet, although Archicad is a great tool. For entering Architecture School you should consider showing various medias of design work. Photography and Observation Sketches of Buildings, to show that you are thinking about design composition. Trace the work of a well known Architects (historic or modern or both), to better understand how one might think about Architecture. This scanned trace drawing can be in a portfolio. Just showing that you have used Architecture software, such as Archicad, will not guarantee you into Architecture School. If you need portfolio critic, post to a forum like Archinect ( Hope that helps.


Archicad Educational : _ 


You will need an active educational email for an edu licence.

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