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Best practice for coverings


Having recently been using Archicad much more (coming from Revit), I'm trying to know about best practices That is in regard to scheduling, IFC exporting and accuracy with the model.

My question then would be about wall coverings (and coverings in general) and how to best design them. I have read several threads about it in this forum but as they date back a bit, I was wondering if things had changed with new Archicad versions...

Consensus seems to draw another element to represent the finish therefore drawing an adjacent element (for floorings at least, didn't see much about wall coverings). But in Revit I could "attach" a finish to another wall so a door object could cut both elements and I did not find this possibility in Archicad

There also wall accessories but it seems that this is not an advised solution ? This does look really handy from some manufacturer libraries I had used but for some reason, this not talked about much it seems.

Open for any suggestions, thanks

Yes, you are absolutely right. This is how I build my models. Sometimes, when I need to achieve level of details 5 I even can separate the core and wall finish by modelling plasterboard as separate wall. But that more like exception. Usually composites are doing their job very good for walls.

But every time when I need to model my floor or build some wall details from separate elements - I definitely think - I must finish that and just create good accessories objects. Because this is the whole point of object-oriented programming (that ArchiCAD is) - to combine into one parametric object several more simple ones. I hope this issue is going to be solved soon in ArchiCAD, as they are working on tools updates now and each new version is showing better solutions for old tools (as that happened to Stair, for example, of beams and columns). ArchiCAD 25 suppose to appear in less then a week - let see what new is going to be there.

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