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Best way to develop a wall object


Hello, I needed to develop a wall block where there is a need for a metallic profile that is automatically distributed
This wall block has specific dimensions like 60 centimeters high and 23 centimeters wide.
I can develop this wall with a complex profile, but I cannot develop this metallic profile that is inside the wall and grooves vertically

image 1 is a model in IFC
beside a wall developed with a complex profile

Captura de tela 2022-09-23 174428.png

image 2 is how the block that wall should look
Captura de tela 2022-09-23 174907.png

thank you for the help


Karl Ottenstein

Such a structure is a wall created with an "Insulated Concrete Form".  There has been a variety of discussion about this over the years... some quite old:


There is no way to create that with a single tool and have it be a Wall.  You can approximate the foam and the concrete with a complex profile of course, but would have to multiply the reinforcement steel structure manually throughout the core...if it must be seen.  If you must show the shapes of the foam sections on the top/bottom that interlock, you could do that by adding a Morph... or by modeling the 'wall' as a Column (but then you could not use the Window/Door/Opening tools to cut openings).

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@Lucas343 You need to ask yourself what are you wanting to show & why. AC is capable of modelling the block exactly, but if you were intending to create a whole building envelope then either you need to generalise with some simplification e.g. composite walls or you will need to revert to gdl programming to create the blocks & an assembly if your time is to be efficiently spent. I go through a similar process myself producing timber framing layouts for insulated closed panels. I can assure you that the level of detail is far from being a digital twin, it is sufficient for the required documentation, but even with the simplification and a fast computer the modelling redraws can sometimes be slow.


Think about what you really want and maybe come back with more specific objectives if you need further guidance.

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I am currently writing an accessory object for exactly this.


Thanks a lot for your help.

after evaluating the comments, we decided that the best solution would be to make a normal wall and the documentation that involves the metallic profiles in 2d.

this process is not dynamic and parametric, but it is efficient without crashing the file.

I thank you from the Graphisoft community.

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