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Why would anyone want this?

It's a horrible model that gives the software developer way too much power and influence over any particular firm's ability to work how they prefer and choose to work and the workflow that works best for them - not to mention the risk of exposure and/or potential abuse and violation of their intellectual property and data.

Not to also mention that it depends on how great the internet and broadband service in a particular locale is and would assume that all regions have relatively equal accessibility and cost rates. Which is far from the reality that we live in.

And every Autodesk software user I know where they are using or switching to 'cloud-based only' models all seem to hate it.

I put it right up there with 'subscription-only' licensing model among things I hope Graphisoft is never tempted to switch to or adopt.......especially if its just to keep up with the Joneses or if its in the hunt for the almighty Dollar (or Euro, or Sterling Pound....or whichever currency applies).

Maybe their BIMx Labs project will be instructive and informative as to how great (or not) such a cloud-based model and service works and more importantly how eager users are to adopt it.

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