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Can't change custom leaf garage door thickness (and many more)


Hello Community, I'm quite new to Archicad, so sorry if my questions may seem dumb.


1. I created a custom leaf garage door (actually it is the portal of the property). Although my portal model has 14cm thickness in total, Archicad keeps on giving me a 5 CM thick pannel. I tried to change the value under "Frame & leaf" in the garage door settings without any success.


2. I'd like to align the door with the wall, but reveal is greyed out. Why ? (btw "wall closure" is greyed as well)


3. Although the portal opens inside the property (which is correctly displayed in plan view), in the 3d, opening lines are represent solid instead of dashed on the outside. Why could that be ?


Any help on these topics would be greatly appreciated.





Hello Paul,


Did you try to uncheck these parameters (linked picture) before modifying door parameters ?

Did you check your model view definition parameters about 3D view (into document menu) ?

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Salut Christophe, 


Yes, check and unchecked the boxes with no success.

Not sure about where to find the documentation menu tho.



Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Please use only English language on this forum so it is readable for everyone.

I have moved your French posts to the moderation archive.

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