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Change all windows to simple openings...and keep the size.




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Better use composite wall, unless the brick is separated for the renovation purposes.

The openings are best to be converted to empty one by one. Or, JUST select them and change to empty. Any parameter transfer will transfer the size, unless you switch it off...


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The brick is separated for scheduling (5D-project). I can't convert them one by one...I tried selecting them and change directly in the infor box but no matter how I do it the openings all get the same size. Maybe I need to open object settings and inject with a transfer option. Will try later.

AC 25 SWE Full

HP Zbook Fury 15,6 G8. 32 GB RAM. Nvidia RTX A3000.


First, select all windows and then choose this option





Then select all doors and then do the same for them as well.

Archicad will create an empty opening the same size as the door/window.


It will not work if you select doors AND windows at the same time.



I have a faint memory this worked for me like ten years ago ...or so...

AC 25 SWE Full

HP Zbook Fury 15,6 G8. 32 GB RAM. Nvidia RTX A3000.

William Yan

How to  maintain the original windows size, when using this "use an empty opening"? All the selected windows were replaced with the same size opening.

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This is the Japanese version, so sorry if it's a little different.

If you add Emptyopening to your favorites and uncheck the window size in the element transfer settings, the size will not change.

It is ok now! Thank you! ありがとう!

AC 25 CHI, Windows 10

So that is the trick!

Create a favourite for an empty opening.

Create a transfer setting that does not include window size.

Select all of the windows you want as empty opening, right click on the 'Empty Opening' favourite and choose 'Apply transfer setting',  and use the 'No size' transfer setting.


As Mats said, I am pretty sure you could just select all windows and change to empty openings before, but that must have been in the days before we had element transfer settings.




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Yes I definitely remember from the past doing this by changing to empty opening. However when I use a favourite with an appropriate element transfer setting setting...hmmm...lingo... I don' get the anchor point to work without choosing the middle point in the tool settings after having chosen all windows...

Anyway I consider it a bug or a bad design that Archicad has a button which says change to empty opening and as a bonus from hell throws the windows all over the place.

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HP Zbook Fury 15,6 G8. 32 GB RAM. Nvidia RTX A3000.

Just be sure to also untick the box next to "anchor point", Mats! 😉

It works fine this way. Even tho I agree that there should be an easier way.

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I know but I experience "flakiness"...need to do it in a specific order. I've unchecked the anchor point but it flaky...I can get it to work but I can't put this on my coworkers. If I have time or need therapy I can record the flakiness...

AC 25 SWE Full

HP Zbook Fury 15,6 G8. 32 GB RAM. Nvidia RTX A3000.

Robert Horvath

You can select all windows/doors & "Create openings". Maybe you change reveal in this time for intersection to brick wall.

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