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Changing surface of morph with lots of faces

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Hi all,

I've downloaded a V&A basin in Sketchup format (that's all they had) and have converted it into a morph in Archicad. It is a vessel basin (above the vanity bench) and it has a black surface outside and white surface to the top rim and the inside. But the Sketchup model/morph is all one colour/material.

I've tried selecting the external surface of the morph and changing the surface with the custom surface settings of the morph tool, but as the basin is curved, it has hundreds of small triangular surfaces to make up the curve.

I've also tried the same thing after "smooth and merge faces" but that changes all the inside and outside surfaces of the basin.

Anyone got any advice on how I can change just the outside surface of the basin?

If you change the surfaces in SketchUp prior to importing, will that split the selections?

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easy work around, see screen shot

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Sorry for my delayed response - I didn't receive the notification email of replies!
Thanks for your suggestions, I'll give them a try.
Not too familiar with Sketchup, but I'm sure I can work it out.
I like your workaround too - thanks.

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