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Community feedback: Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings in Archicad

Arpad Szabo

Hi all,

one of our designers is taking a closer look at... Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings!  

It’s a complex but important dialog, and we'd love to know: what do you think? 

Let us know! Just five quick questions will do it... Thanks! 

At first glance, which part of the dialog is easy to understand? 

Do the texts and pictures help you understand what to do? 

In which situations do you use this dialog? 

In which design phase do you use this dialog? 

Which parts of the dialog are hard to use? (The parts you have to keep adjusting to get it right) 




Árpád Szabó
Junior UX researcher - Graphisoft


so we have to wait, it's great 👍😂

AMD Ryzen 3900x
AMD RX 6750xt
AC26 Build 4019


It is not easy to explain this part of Archicad with the 2D object display options if there is a problem with the code on the object side, it gives the impression that the software is not finished, and I'm sure it's not a big problem to solve at Graphisoft 

AMD Ryzen 3900x
AMD RX 6750xt
AC26 Build 4019


Hi Árpàd, hi all,


to me it happens the same thing like several other ones here. When the topic comes to 'Display of elements depending if their height-position, I think of many unsatisfying situation around.


I doubt that it is the way of the future to manage the display with such kind of dialogue.

Often I want to see elements basically in several storys but others not… (if you understand what I mean) … think the future could be, to safe the display of elements, or even better the display of parts (selection of edges and fills etc. ) of elements directly in views.

… more individually instead of genralized


I think my biggest point relying to FPC-Display is that it is still not possible to display a beveled wall correctly – cut and top-view part according to  FPCP-level. 


So I wished also that you invest all of your power in solving such urgent issues…

… instead of improving just the understanding of a dialogue that maybe fade away in few years.


But nevertheless i go in to your questions:

  • In the German version the explaining sentence is not really well articulated (translated: …can be displayed relative to absolute..🙃 (and aside from this there is a spelling mistake I think.) But also in English it's hard to understand what it's meant... see below
  • It's not clear, what means 'offset' there  ( + - , relying always to story or to FPCP?, the dashed line above seems not to be at the story level.)
  • And more…I out myself as on who has still not grasped for what the setting for the 'Absolute Display Limit' is good for. I never used this function in the last 18 years. (That the arrow there is wrong mentioned @Karl Ottenstein already)


ARCHICAD for Future

archicad versions 8-26 | mac os 12 | win 11

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