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Connection roof and wall

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Dear ArchiCAD Users,

When I use the trim method or SEO method to connect my walls and my roof, they connect but in the wrong way.
As you can see in the attached image, the roof is still visible through the wall.

I'd like to only see the wall instead of the roof.
I think there is a fairly easy solution to this problem. But I really can't see it.

Thanks in advance!

Barry Kelly
An SEO will trim to bottom surface of the roof if the wall is below (as in your image) and to the top surface of the roof if the wall you are keeping is above the roof - so may no be suitable for what you want.

'Connect > Trim to roof or shell' should do what you want but the strengths of the Building Materials come into play here.
Stronger BMs will cut weaker ones.
So the BMs in your wall need to be stronger than those in your roof, but the top skin of the roof composite will need to have a BM that is stronger than the wall BMs.
Otherwise the wall will completely cut the roof which is probably not what you want.


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Hello Barry,

Thanks for your quick and clear response to the problem.
The problem was indeeed the SEO ...

Thanks for your help!

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