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Creation of New Doors

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I am looking to create two new doors for our company. We frequently use sliding doors with 5 or 6 panels. There is no archicad door by default that meets our requirements, but I believe I understand enough GDL now to modify a door to do what I want. My only problem is, when I place an Archicad door that I want to modify and then 'open' that object, there is no script in the 2D or 3D as there was for other objects.

So my question: Where can I find the 3D script for Archicad doors?

Barry Kelly
In the master script they will CALL another object (macro).
That macro will CALL other macros and they will CALL even more.

If you can unravel how a GS scripted door or window works you are doing very well.
Trying to isolate the bit you need can sometimes be very tricky.
Good luck.


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