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Custom Door Leaf- add to new file?




I am a new user to Archicad- so still very much learning.  I created a custom door leaf in a project and I want to use the same door leaf in another project.  How do I do this?  I tried adding the .gsm file to the embedded library of the second project, but I cannot do anything with it like select it as a door leaf, or even place it in the model as an object.  








So, you created it in Project A, exported it out, then inserted it into the embedded library of Project B? That is usually all that you need to do. Have you restarted the project since? Maybe the Door Panels Collection has not updated...




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Rajesh Patil

Try this, just copy the wall on clipboard with Ctrl +C ( for windows only) from the project in which your targeted door is inserted and paste this wall in other project. All the parameters of the source door now available in your new project. But this would be a quick solution. Not good method in case looking for longer period data management. 

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Erwin Edel

Try opening the library part File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object


Select the door leaf in the embedded library to open it. Now simply hit save.


What this should do is force a rebuild / refresh of the part of the library that shows which custom door leafs are available.

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