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Custom Level Marker - Units Rounding Incorrectly

Could anyone please point me in the right direction with the .gsm found at the link below? It's a custom level marker that has worked great up until ArchiCAD 20. When placed into a project, it automatically displays distances from project zero. I've recently migrated a project from AC19 to AC20 that has hundreds of these placed and they all have lost the ability to show fractional inches. They all are rounding to the nearest inch and I've been stumped for the past month and a half trying to fix this, granted my knowledge of GDL is very limited. I'd like it to round to the nearest 1/16" like it did prior to ArchiCAD 20.

I've already contacted the author, and he said he hadn’t ever considered imperial units when he programmed this. The original library part assumed the metric system only so he guesses that there must have been some changes in recent GDL update when it comes to automatic unit conversion… and he has no idea how imperials work in GDL.

Do any of you GDL gurus have any suggestions?

I've included a link to the .gsm, in case the attachment doesn't work.
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