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Custom parameters using IFC and formulas

Little while ago I went to a talk where someone was talking about creating custom IFC parameters and using them in scheduling. I missed the beginning so I didn't get to see the specifics, but it seemed that this guy was taking AC parameters, putting them in a formula and getting a custom made parameter to use in scheduling, all through IFC Scheme Setup.

I want to use it to force my door leafs widths / heights to schedule under custom parameter.

Eg. I want a door with 30mm wide frame that the leaf = 2040x820. While width is not a problem (on a single door) I have trouble scheduling the height because AC doesn't allow for gap at bottom etc. The only way to achieve 2040 height with 2143 wall opening is to add 73mm to "Tolerance Upper" parameter in the door interface, but this makes the door look very wrong!
2143 - (30 frame - 73) = 2040

What I was hoping to do is make an IFC parameter that says:
door leaf height - 73 = custom door leaf height.

Is this possible?

Until we can do bottom leaf gaps, rebates etc (which I don't really expect to be an option as there are more important issues) I don't see any way of achieving an accurate door leaf size. If this IFC trick is possible, I can see lots of uses for it ... or did I get it all wrong?
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