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DET_Lumber_17 shows up solid black when background fill on

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Anyone else getting this? I'm using various projects, some developed, some brand new, with out of the box library parts, and seeing this: the DET_Lumber_17 object displays solid black when background fill is checked ON, regardless of the fill color selected. It's ok in Drafting Pens, but in Plot Pens (and on Layouts) it shows up solid black. Only workaround so far has been to either turn off the background fill or add another masking fill behind the object. What am I missing?

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.25.45 AM.png

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Additional Image:

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Stress Co_
Try changing the "Background Fill" to something like... "solid fill".

I believe it works with fills that have Opacity [%] (fill appearance) set to 100 (my "solid fill" is @ 100).
If the fill's Opacity is 0... then you'll get a black fill.
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