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Dashed line in interior elevations

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I'm trying to make file cab that I need to show dashed sometimes and at other times solid lines. I want to make an object that can be just lines that will show up in interior elevations. Line2 just shows up in 2D and LIN_ just shows up in 3D correct? I've seen dashed lines in interior elevations. I'll look in that library part hopefully I'll find the code.

Thanks for any ideas,

by the way the improvements to this site - like spell check are GREAT!

David Larrew
You are correct.

I've created a custom macro object that allows me to create custom linetypes in 3D for just what you are doing. You don't need to mess with making your own... If you look at any of the GS objects that work the way you want them - you will see that they are calling a common macro. Just call that macro in your object to get your 3D dashed line.
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