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I am nee to archiCad want to know if I use detail tool and save the view is it 3d or 2d. I used the detail and when i save view it has changed into 2d and the changes there or morph drawn is not reflected in my model.
Please help

Barry Kelly
Welcome to Archicad and this forum.
Firstly please consider where you make your posts.
This is more of a specific question/problem with Archicad so I have moved your post.

Details and worksheets are snap shots of your model and they are converted to lines and fills rather than modelled elements.
However they can be updated to reflect changes in the model.
It is not a 2-way street though.
Changes yo make in details and worksheets will not be reflected in the model.

Also be aware that if you move, delete or modify any of the '3D' (now just fills and lines) elements that come from the model and you then re-build the detail or worksheet, then those elements will all move back to their correct location as they are in the model.
Only the extra annotation you add will remain unchanged.


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