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Different wall base elevation: elevated modules, and wall tops anchored to story above

I have a situation where otherwise identical unit plans have a 1.5" deep subfloor/leveling layer in the upper stories and no subfloor in ground story. So for walls (which start at sheathing/slab, that is at bottom of subfloor) in modules I thought I could work this out by
- anchoring opening sill heights to story
- elevating the walls modules by 1.5" at ground story (so far, it works, wall bases and opening sills are where they need to be)
- having wall tops anchored to story above, by which I thought walls in modules would shrink by 1.5" to keep the same distance to story above they have on source file (this didn't work: wall top appears 1.5" higher than I thought they would, which is what does happen with the same walls modeled locally with wall base at different story offsets).
Hotlinked Module Settings are set to 'Adjust to host project story structure — Top Linked elements will stretch'.
So basically I think I am screwed. Solid element operations for cutting off the bottom 1.5" of walls are not an option in this case. I think material priorities will not help because walls at bottom floor don't connect with slab (I could perhaps try to fake a 1.5" topping slab with a higher priority material, with reference plane matching base of wall which needs to be trimmed, and this slab would merge on sections&model with the other half-slab below). If anybody can think of a better approach please let me know.

Edit: the fake topping half-slab with reference plane at base of wall does work for 3D and sections. Not for schedules and find-select for 'actual' wall height, but you can't always etc. Still, modeling it clean would be nicer.

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