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Dimensioning 2D Symbol Anchors

Ane Kaqu
Hi all,
I'm having the following problem at the moment:
I'm drawing 2D Symbols in the Object-Editor and overwrite the standard anchorpoints with custom ones via GDL code:

hotspot2 0,0,0
hotspot2 -1,1,1
hotspot2 1,1,2
fragment2 all, 0

Now I insert some instances into the document and draw dimensions from anchorpoint to anchorpoint. When I reopen the object in the editor, I can change the coordinates of the anchorpoints and all instances in the document update correctly. The dimensions however don't change their referencepoints to the updated anchorpoint-positions.

Is it somehow possible to make the dimensions in the document update correctly?

Thanks for any advices!

Juha Vesen

Why are you coding the hotspots?

Just add the hotspots to the 2D symbol (by drawing)
and leave the 2D program empty.

Hope this works.
Juha Vesen
ArchiCAD 4.1 --- 20
Mac Intel 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 16Gb | OSX 10.10

Use parameters, instead of fixed values, for the HS coordinates.
This way you can change their values without re-saving the library part.

--Roberto Corona--
AC18 - ITA full on Win10

Ane Kaqu

@Juha: I coded the hotspots, so that I can control their indexes. When I draw them directly in the 2D symbol window and I change them later, the indexes might get mixed up.

Anyway, it seems the problem was, that ArchiCAD didn't refresh the dimensions right away. Closing und reopening the document or cutting and pasting the dimensions refreshes them correctly, even though this seems like a rather strange workaround.

Thanks for your answers.

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