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Display order is messed up with slabs


Hello. I can't figure out why the concrete slab that's UNDER the wooden deck is showing above. The cut plane is above the wooden deck and the display order has been reset to default order already. The same thing happens with the pool in the left.. the slab at the bottom of the pool is above everything, the pool walls and the deck that is above these walls.





Paul King

This is just a display order setting issue.


What is not intuitively obvious is that the plan view display order of objects (that determines what objects will mask other objects) is not intrinsically linked to the 3D position, but is user controlled.   You can set a ground floor slab to mask a roof above, if that is what you want for some reason.  Occasionally this is useful, and occasionally it is annoying if not intended.


In other words the 2D plan view is not a true generated 'line of sight' projection looking down (you would need to create a separate true projected 3D view that corresponds to the 2D plan view if that is what you want - though you won't be able to use all your 2D-only tools directly in that view)


To control display order of an element in plan or other 2D view, you select an element then use the 'Display Order' menu to bring it forwards or send it backwards relative to others in the stack of overlaying elements in the area.




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or your wooden deck cover fill is set to transparent that's why even you adjust the display order it will still be seen.



In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards


@Jeliel The reason we use 2D plans is for standard architectural presentation e.g. showing door swings and simplified object presentation. If you are working with just complex level sensitive "presentation" type views then have a look at 3D Documents and 3D Documents from Plan which may better suit your needs. I use them a lot in my work to overcome the type of issue you have described above.


Spend some time with the settings & you can get them to look like simple 2D drawings.


And if that doesn't work you can always use Stories, Layers & Floor Plan Cut Plane settings to hide elements in the view.

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I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but if there's no other way I'll take it! Thanks

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