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Display railing as a single line?

Hi all,

Trying to setup a nice boundary fence in my favourites / template. Naturally i'm thinking the railing tool is my best bet for this. However, i'm trying to create the fence as it is in real life (or close enough to that) but i only want it to display as a single fencing line on my site plans so it doesn't end up a big think black mess when printed.

Is it possible to make a railing diaply just as a single line in 2d?


Barry Kelly
In each of the rail (top rail, handrail, rail) settings you will see a section for 2D display.
There you can choose 'with axis', 'without axis', or 'axis only' and you can set the axis line style.

Similar for panels.

The posts, inner post and balusters have 2D display options as well and you can choose from various styles.
You can also set a custom symbol size and set that to zero so you cant see them at all if you don't want to see them.


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thank you! looks like i need to add a top rail as the axis function isn't available on the balustrades.

if anyone else is looking for these buttons they're not exactly clear. see pic.

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