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Door Problems

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I am going out of my mind trying to get door swing lines to show up in my model, and indeed, trying to get doors to show as open at all in plan view. What is going on here?

Mostly I'm working with the D1 commercial doors at the moment, but it seems like whatever door I select (including some of the wooden doors), they just simply refuse to show up properly in plan.

I've discovered that I can at least get the doors to open in plan if I set them to show as open in 3D - but then I'm stuck with them open in 3D, which I don't want. And why should I have to set a *3D* parameter on to get a *2D* one to show up? It just doesn't make any sense.

I still can't get the door swings to show up, no matter what I do, though.

I have tried absolutely everything I can think of, and I'm ready to scream. Anybody have any suggestions? What am I missing?



In the door dialog box, in the Floor Plan and Section pane, try setting the Floor Plan Display to "Symbolic", which is the ArchiCAD 9 (and earlier) behavior. The "Projected" options are a cut through the 3D model.


David Maudlin / Architect

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Thank you, David, that did the trick. It also got rid of all the excessive detail that I really didn't want showing in my plans, which is nice.

I'd tried doing that before, though, and it didn't work, so I don't really get it.

And in my last project, which I brought in from AC9, I seem to remember having to set all the windows to projected with overhead in order to get them to show up at all.

I will never understand this program <sigh>.


Wendy wrote:
I will never understand this program .
I feel that way sometimes, too 😉
Tom Waltz

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I take that back. It worked with *most* of my doors. Changing some of them to symbolic did in fact make them completely disappear.

I don't get it. They're the same door objects, and as far as I know, have the same or substantially the same settings. The ones that go away do so whether I change the settings manually to symbolic or by using the eyedropper and syringe to transfer all the same settings from an instance that does still show up with symbolic turned on.

Oddly enough, the ones that disappear also can't be selected using "find and select".


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