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Door marker showing real wallhole dimensions

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When preparing construction drawings I need to show the real wallhole of the door in its marker.

So this is a door with both reveal and wallhole dimensions 1.00*2.10m. In reality though the wallhole will be larger and it's actually correctly and automatically adjusted in archicad:
This means that archicad takes into account the existence of the floor finish and the hole reaches the core of the slab.
So my question is: Is there a way to display the true size of the door hole (1.00*2.20 when the finish is 0.10) without showing that there is a sill of 0.10? And this should mean that the door is still correct in 3d and door schedule.
Thank you in advance.

Not sure how it schedules, but have you tried; Wall Opening... => Opening Oversizes => Lower?

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Lingwisyer wrote:
Not sure how it schedules, but have you tried; Wall Opening... => Opening Oversizes => Lower?

Yes I have tried that. This option changes the hole only on 3d, and not on the marker..

We either have the project BIM in which case the contractor receives IFC export for the manufacturer of the masonry blocks and they go by 3D information. Or it is 'classic' approach and they receive a schedule of all doors with dimension to level (which ussually is project zero) and us this to determine the correct height on site. So I never ran in to this problem myself.

Maybe you can create a property for the height of the holes that adds up the subfloor thickness and the actual height of the door. You could use a label to show 'door width x custom property' to get the desired dimension.

You might have to create a property for subfloor thickness if it is not something you can grab from the door in the custom height property.
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This was very helpful actually. Even though I still can't change it on the door marker, but it can easily be made with a custom label.

Thanks a lot!

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