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Door tolerance with custom doors?



How do you deal with tolerance when creating custom doors?

The get no setting for the tolerance...



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Doesn't the Custom Door just scale to the specified leaf size and all other tolerances are part of the frame GDL settings? Or do you mean something else?

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I know a custom door leaf will scale to fit the door frame you use it in - no matter what size you model it.

If the frame object does not have an option for tolerances, then maybe you could model an extra air space slab (invisible/transparent material) with no perimeter lines around your door slab before you save it as a custom door.

Effectively you are modelling the tolerance.

I haven't tried it but it might work.

It won't be adjustable but should create a small gap if it does work.



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I can model pretty much what I want but since it's BIM I need to schedule the tolerances (as well as unitsize and wallhole size).

AC 24 SWE Full
HPZbook 32GB i7 7820HQ 2,9 GHz
Quadro M2200 2GB

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