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Door/window frame connection with a custom wall profile



Hello Graphisoft Community,


This is my first post here since I'm just starting out using Archicad for educational purposes. So I'm not aware if my post goes outside the community guidelines, for which I'll apologize in advance.

I've hit a snag while using custom profiles, as you can see in the image attached the materials do not 'round the corner' with the door's frame. I'd like the materials to be the same on the outside wall all the way to the edge of the frame, but am not aware which settings I have to manipulate to get the desired results.

Can't find similar topics or I've missed them, in which case I'd really appreciate being pointed in the right direction. It's probably a novice issue, but regardless I cannot find the solution by myself at this moment in time.

Thanks in advance!


Barry Kelly

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the door and window openings.

The reveals will only show one surface.

If your door/window height is set by the sill, it will use the external surface of the wall at that point.

If your door/window height is set by the head, it will use the external wall surface at that point - in your case the panelling.


There is no way around this without adding thin slabs or morph planes are probably better for the different surfaces.



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Hello Barry,


Thank you for the quick response to my query. I'll use the proposed workaround for this limitation to get the effect I'm looking for. Maybe a future update for Archicad can resolve this (probably) specific issue 😉




Erwin Edel

You can add collumns with the building material that you used on your complex profile and place them over the wall in plan. They will merge with the wall in 3D and in plan view.


For the wood finish you would want some sort of boarding anyway to close the gap, so you might as well model that.

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There is another possible solution which is to use the Opening Tool to make another opening over the one created by the Window Tool.


Suitable for low to moderate level of detail and the result depends on the complex profile, reveal depth and frame depth. 




Just add a Wall Niche with a custom side material?



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