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Doors and Windows on thick slanted walls

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Hi All,

First time posting here Hopefully you all can help me out!

I am creating a tower with the outside wall slanted at a 95% angle, and the base thickness at 14", however the inside walls are straight at 90%. I am trying to put a door in on the second floor, but the thickness of the door is matching the thickness of the wall on the bottom floor. I am left with the door frame protruding quite a bit. Even when I flip it to lay flush on the exterior the inside does the same thing. I have tried switching the opening plane to both associated and vertical, but end up with the same issue. I have also tried placing it in 3D and 2D views, and nothing. The major issues is that the wall tapers to a smaller width as you move up the floors, and there is no setting to change the width of the door. Does anyone have a solution? - Thanks in advance

It is probably due to the setting "Frame Thickness = Wall Thickness". This most likely simply pulls the base wall thickness inputted and disregards any slopes. If you uncheck this option, you can set the frame thickness manually, in turn compensating for the reducing wall thickness as you go up.

Alternatively, based on your image, are you wanting your door frame to taper from top to bottom following your wall slope? Given how they are coded, I do not believe this is possible. You could try fauxing it by setting your frame width to zero then using a combination of SOEs to create a frame out of another wall.


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