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Drawing scale smaller than 1:30000?


I've ran into an interesting issue: I'm working on a competition where I need to have drawings at a city scale too, I put the large drawings (coming from OSM) close to the origin on a worksheet to prevent any far-from-origin problems, and I want to have a drawing at a scale of 1:100000 to fit on the layout.

Archicad only allows scale to be set at 1:30000, I cannot use anything smaller than this, resulting in mismatched line weights between the view of the worksheet and the placed drawing. I can eyeball the used pen set to look nice, but it would be even better to have the option to save a view at any scale.

I'm sure it's not a bug, others tried with the same result. Is there a reason why such scales are not allowed?
actively using: AC22-25 INT | Rhino6-7 | macOS / win10

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