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Ecodesigner and thermal bridges

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Hi everyone,
I'm considering purchasing ED as preliminary design tool. We mainly do high energy-efficiency residential projects in Italy using CasaClima standards ( I'm wondering if I can somehow set ED up to match CasaClima calculation guidelines.

I had a look at its user guide and at the advanced user guide. I was wondering how ED 13/ ED14 deal with thermal bridges. Is there a paper describing how its VIP engine calculates heat losses in detail?

Furthermore, on CasaClima website is already available a Revit template, which is very upsetting...



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I dont think that ecodesigner calculate thermal bridges.
It alow you to modify some R values and you can put newer elements and values .
You can precalculate a medium value of a wall type therm. resist. with thermal bridge influence included .
So is not a correct and utile thermal analisys addon . Shameful for a BIM , only a child toy to pretend you have " calculated " something . Even with dedicated software is difficult to have a proffessional result of thermal bridges influence . For this reason was developed catalogues of thermal bridges dependant of country specific regulations . See european standard EN ISO 13370 . It is not so simple. Good luck .

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