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Edit a Roof (Planned Status Object)

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Dear Friends,

Simple question but has perplexed me for quite some time.
Say for example I have a roof edit I need to do, an existing roof which has a small proposed extension part. What I was doing previously, is to put the old roof under the 'To be demolished' tab and then construct a brand new roof with the new extension part added.
It was quite a long way, and as you can imagine, it gets tricky and terrible in more complex roofs AND not to mention when I need to produce detail drawings (because on my tab I have demolished and rebuilt the whole new roof)

Could be such a simple solution. How do I edit the existing component without having to redraw the whole thing again.

I supposed the same question would seamingly apply to window edits and other objects that do not always need to be 'Demolished' per se, but just elongated or edited.

It would help me so much having this answer.
bye for now

Barry Kelly
My philosophy with Archicad is 'Model it as it is built'.
But when it comes to demolition plans this doesn't always apply.

It is not quite 'real life' in that you can demolish part of a roof and add an extension.
If you have a multi-plane roof, you have to demolish and replace the entire element.
If you have single plane roofs, you can demolish and replace just the affected planes.
But you can not work on part of a roof plane, it has to be the entire element.

Same with walls, you may just want to add some more insulation and a new external cladding.
You have to demolish and replace the entire wall in Archicad (if you want it to remain as one wall).


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