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Edit existing GDL objects to add missing features

Domagoj Lukinic

Hi all, 

Is there a way to edit GDL objects in AC 25 to add some missing features that I need?


For example:

I have here "Horizontal Multi-Sash window 25" how ever it does not have a feature to add transom. Is there a way to add the missing  feature in that object?

If there is a way I want to know how.


Thank you in advance!




Barry Kelly

Sure, if you know how to script in GDL.

If you don't, forget it.

The Graphisoft doors and windows are very complicated and not something you would want to tackle without a very good knowledge of GDL.


Your other option is to gang two windows together, so one above the other.



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Jim Allen

This is on the community wishlist!


It's a basic omission, and to the best of my knowledge (I even rang GS tech support on this) you can only get around it currently using curtain walls.

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This was from a few years ago, but you could add a transom to the Sliding Folding Multipanel Bifold Door just by toggling the Transom value in the Master Script.



You still need to save it out to your own library, and I do not think I had any issues with it. It might work with your window?





ps. Actually, just checked it, and windows do not have the same toggles... and I get a UI stack error when I try to toggle it in the general macro...

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