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Editing WoFIV schedules in German version of Archicad.

Isaac Newton

There are WoFIV schedules in German version of Archicad, designed for calculation of the living space area according to German regualtions:



They are some limitations though with respect to what extend it's possible to edit those schedules. Therefore I'd like to ask several questions concerning it:

1. Is it possible to add the total area field for all apartments in the end of the whole schedule?:


2. Is it possible to fill the fields marked on the picture bellow with printed text, or does it have to be filled necessarily only with the handwritten text after the form is printed?:


3. Is it possible to edit the frame of the schedule to make it narrower? The standard frame is too wide for the A4 format, therefore the sheets can't be properly bound, because there is not enough space for the binding spring:




4. Is there a quicker way to include those calculations in the layout batch, other than inserting the the whole schedule to each sheet and then trimming it as much as to include only the content that fits into one sheet?:






Ole Saalmann

just some quick thoughts:


1 + 2 : I don't think so. You could turn on "Gesamtseite zeigen" which gives you a summary without a sum 🙂


You can also export the table to Excel via Publisher, maybe that helps. 


Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-08 um 15.11.52.jpg



3 +4 : you could scale the page to 90% and split it to multiple pages:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-08 um 15.03.48.jpg



ARCHICAD since 4.55 | macOS current | AC 25 current

Thank you! Just one more question please. Is it possible to switch between the sheets in the multylayer layout, once I've placed the schedule on them?

Ole Saalmann

Yes. That is just a little tricky to find and manage:

The page numbering includes ALL layouts. That makes it a little weird.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-09 um 15.05.10.jpg




ARCHICAD since 4.55 | macOS current | AC 25 current


So difficult for Graphisoft to include this in the international version or at least have it available for optional download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????

Archicad 25-26. Windows 11. Intel Xeon 2680x2,64 GB RAM, Nvidia 3080Ti-Titan X Pascal. 2 Monitors.

Thank you very much! Still one more question, though) Is it possible to place another schedule on the last sheet of the multilayer layout, so that it was displayed only on this last one sheet, instead of being displayed on every sheet of the multilayer layout?:


My intention is to place the WoFIV calculations on the multilayer layout, and then add another schedule with the total area of the living spaces in the end.

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