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Editing in 3D, editing plane problem

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Hello all. I want to get better at modeling accurately in 3D. I'm trying to do this example (The "Pick Plane" one) but I'm running into a problem. Briefly, it's an example where you cut a 2 x 2 m hole in a slanted roof, but the measurements are projected from a horizontal slab below. Everything is going fine until step 3.

In step 3, when I start to draw the hole by clicking along the editing plane which is now positioned along the slab, the editing plane repositions itself back along the slanted roof.

If I continue from there, I can then try and manually reposition the editing plane back on the slab by using "pick plane" again, but then the editing plane won't set at the z level of the slab. Rather, the plane is set (horizontally) at the z level of the new corner of my hole to be created along the roof. From there I can insert coordinates and draw the hole with desired measurements but I have to manually reposition the editing plane after every segment. Is this how it should be happening?

I think this problem is probably just about something really basic that I'm not aware of. Maybe a setting somewhere?

For this I'm using ArchiCAD 22 5009 FIN FULL, and I'm on a PC.

Personally I never use the construction plane. I have found it less than user friendly and modelling can be quicker just using the other elements in the model as reference points. Even creating temporary elements like projecting a box morph through the roof may prove quicker for that task.
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

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Thanks for the reply, DGSketcher. Well, to be fair, with my current skillset the method you describe would probably be how I'd do it myself (the temporary morph).

I still would like to learn how to use the editing plane properly. I think it could very well have some use cases.

If you ever master it let us know.

AC is very versatile, if the construction plane appeals to your workflow then please don't let me discourage your learning, we all have different ways of doing things.
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

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So, I have some updates on the Issue. I contacted my local reseller regarding the issues with me trying to complete the examples on the manual page. They were not able to follow the examples, and contacted Graphisoft on the Issue.

Graphisoft replied that indeed the examples / instructions on the manual page were outdated and said the instructions will be updated so that they correspond to present functionality.

One issue was that the editing plane command "offset" is not in fact selectable once one begins editing an element. The local reseller said that Graphisoft would put adding the offset functionality while editing into consideration for further releases.

Another functionality that I personally would rate pretty essential is that of locking the edit plane so that it does not reposition itself after every editing click.

I guess we'll just have to wait for Graphisoft to consider these release-worthy functionalities for now.

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