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Elliptical profile surface, thickness

This is a (proof-of concept, test) zero-thickness morph, brought into GH from Archicad. Its profile is elliptical. It was generated in Archicad with a 0-thickness shell on an arc profile, saved as object, modified zzyzx, saved as morph, SEOed out openings, saved as morph —which produces a clean curved surface. With Check Solidity > Solidify the shape gets messed up. I would like to give it some thickness, with edge faces that need to be normal to the surface (I could get neither elliptical section nor normal edge faces with Shells; I may be missing something; I am a Shell noob).
I took it to GH but I can't find the GH command to give it some thickness (I am a GH noob), baked it hoping to find a Rhino command for reference but couldn't either (I am a Rhino noob).
I will be grateful for any suggestion on how to go about it.

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