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Exploding Polylines

Keith JAW
I wonder why this option no longer exists. (I see it disappeared at version 15)

Now you have to magic-wand unwanted polylines into nice editable lines, then try and select the polyline out from underneath so that you can delete it. Grrr!

Graphisoft always seems intent on slowing us down!

Archicad Ver 19 on Mac OSX 10.9.5


The command is Explode into Current View, see Documentation > Drafting > Lines > Decompose a Polyline.

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Keith JAW
Yes, but instead of being a multi-element polyline, it's now individual polylines.

This command used to explode a polyline into lines which could then be filleted, intersected or chamfered.

Now you need to use the magic-wand to perform the same task, and as I said, you're still left with the original polyline to be deleted.

Archicad Ver 19 on Mac OSX 10.9.5

you could also use the "Linework Consolidation" command...
on the first page you will find the option to "Explode polylines into drawing primitives"
Bernhard Binder
A-NULL Bausoftware GmbH
Graphisoft Center Vienna

Keith JAW

Used to be a single click. Now it's 9.

Is this an improvement?

Archicad Ver 19 on Mac OSX 10.9.5

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
When you click and click and click in the Linework Consolidation Dialog, in the last page of it there is a checkbox at the bottom:

Display simple Linework Consolidation Settings Dialog next time.

Check it and next time it will be one click.
Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
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Keith JAW
Thanks Laszio

Archicad Ver 19 on Mac OSX 10.9.5

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