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Fill along a path / or like a 2D wall



I'm looking into creating an object that works bassicaly like a wall tool but only as a 2d shape. Have a path and "extrude" the shape along it - keeping just the 2d fill. Or having a path that is offset with a value.


The reason for this is you can't use the wall tool, or railing tool on layouts, worksheets etc. and I'd like to have graphical arrows for example, with a 25%fill for creating diagrams, not just thick or thin lines with pointers.


The only resource I can find by searching for it is POE, but all the posts are from many years ago and don't know if it's still actual, if the tool is still relevant.


If anyone has some thoughts on this or even pointers, it would be much appreciated. dunno maybe there is something that can do that today & I missed it.




Karl Ottenstein

Hi.  If you want to discuss how to create such an object or add-on, then I'll move this thread to the Developer forum...


A workaround for what you're asking for that requires a few extra steps is to 'draw' what you want with the appropriate wall composite or profile temporarily on some empty floor space with the Worksheet as the Trace Reference.  'Explode' the wall after creating it - which changes it to just 2D lines and fills.  'Cut' these lines and fills from the story, and paste them into your Worksheet.




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As @Karl Ottenstein said only you don't have to explode the wall in the floor plan cuz already when you paste your wall element in the worksheet it will change directly to be 2D fill & lines.

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Hej Karl, yeah.. I'll close this and create a new post on developer forum. My mistake. I am aware of the workaround you mentioned - hence the title - but I am looking for tips on what GDL tools I can use to achieve this, becasue this workaround has major downsides.

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