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Fill not appearing in list


I have 2 questions. First one very stupid maybe, but I am struggling to find how to create a new topic /question and this is why I am writing as a reply to something that might be a similar query ( If anyone could let me know how can I create a new question I would really appreciate it) and 2. I created a symbol fill for some tiles pattern. When I select the wall that I want to have this pattern on my 2D elevations, the pattern that I create do not appear in this list. This is list is only having very few hatch options... Is there a way I can see my fill in this list?

Many Thanks
Eleni Ziova
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I believe you have to save your customer pattern into the library...
Lilian Seow
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Barry Kelly
I have split your post from the other.
To make a new post there is a button in each section of the forum.

When creating your fill, there are tick boxes to allow you to choose what they will be used for.
I generally tick all of them unless I really want to be specific as to where the fill can be used- i.e. it may not be appropriate as a cut fill.
Are these all ticked in your fill settings?


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